Welcome to south Louisiana, aka "Sportsman's Paradise"!  It's no wonder with the abundant amount of wildlife and fisheries located in and around the marshes of south Louisiana that it earned that title.  We would like to take you on a rod and reel trip to experience first hand catching some of the many species of fish that Louisiana has to offer.  We specialize in Redfish and Speckled Trout, although you may end up with Red Drum, Flounder, and Sheepshead on the other end of your rod and reel!  We mainly fish in Plaquemines Parish but certain times of the year we may venture out into other areas including Hopedale, Shell Beach, and Delacroix to optimize your fishing experience.   
What you will need:
  • An ice chest (100qt. recomended) to put your fish in
  • Drinks and snacks you would like for the trip
  • Appropriate clothing for the season
  • A LDWF fishing liscense for fresh and salt water 
  • (3 day license can be purchased for $10.00) 
  • Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries